愛の行方 「ぼくは、ぬいぐるみだった。」


2017 年からぬいぐると共に「愛の行方」というテーマで作品制作/ プロジェクトを行っている。
それらを譲り受け作品制作を行う過程=「行方」とすることで名づけた作品/ プロジェクトである。

その試行錯誤のアプローチや、愛されるだけの存在“ぬいぐるみ” が生まれてから、あなたの腕の中に抱き

Whereabouts of Love    "I was a plush toy."

There may be people who live on their own, but for me, it is very difficult.
I think it is very difficult for me. I have to depend on something and support each other.
I am not that strong, and I need help. There must be something that supports each person.
It could be a person, a thing, a place, or time.
I was a plush toy.

At first, it was a secret.
After spending time together in my room, not showing it to anyone,
Since 2017, I have been creating works/projects with plush toy under the theme of "Whereabouts of Love".
I consider plush toys that I love but no longer know how to treat as "love" and have lost their way,
I named this work/project "Whereabouts" as the process of receiving them and creating artworks = "Whereabouts.
So far, I have tried various approaches to love using my favorite plush toys.
Perhaps they are very distorted thoughts. If so, what is the right way to love?

I want to continue to be with my plush toys and continue to face myself through them. I want to continue to face others.
As an artist, I want to open and witness this process.
I would like to continue to share with you my trial-and-error approach, and the time that has passed since the "plush toy" was born and has been held in your arms since it was born, and the time that has passed since it was born.
I hope you can imagine the journey from the birth of a "plush toy" that is only to be loved, through the time it is held in your arms, to the time it arrives at this place.